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Throughout the world over three billion people are in some kind of lockdown and billions more are being cautioned to stay at home as much as possible to distance themselves socially and refrain from any type of gathering. If the coronavirus pandemic was to have erupted 50 years ago, such restrictions would have meant a sports industry shutdown. Yet creative minds have simply revised Vegas casino online sporting competitions to include online matches where gamers can participate virtually.

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The Illinois Supreme Court has ruled that online casino fantasy sports are legal in Illinois. The court determined that fantasy sports are games of skill rather than chance and as such, the state cannot deny Illinois residents the right to participate.

native american tradition tent

Native Americans, whose communities show the highest poverty rate in the United States and whose residents often live in areas where they don’t have proper access to running water, sufficient food or adequate medical care, are being impacted by the coronavirus more so than other communities.

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Financial observers are considering the role that online gaming could have in helping offset the post-COVID-19 economic turndown.

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In March 2020 COVID-19 was declared to be a pandemic. It has affected almost every country on earth and caused a complete shutdown of many industries and much of the global economy. People around the world are living in lockdown, sheltering in place and managing on a wing and a prayer. 

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E-tabs, electronic pull-tabs that mimic old-fashioned paper pull-tabs, are attracting Vegas casino online players around the country but are drawing criticism and concern from their competitors. Charity lotteries have been some of the first and most enthusiastic purveyors of e-tabs which they use to help them raise money for their causes. But other gaming operators are finding that the popularity of e-tabs is cutting into their profits in a big way.

land-based casino room

Casinos are a billion-dollar-a-year industry. Part of the reason that they make so much money is that they have learned how to play with their customer’s minds in order to keep them at the gaming tables. 

map of Tennessee

The reputation that southern states have as being anti-gambling isn’t holding true now that it’s possible for states to legislate Vegas casino online sports betting in their jurisdictions.  Tennessee is the latest state to open sports betting with an online-only sports betting infrastructure.

Japanese yen

Japan’s new bill authorizing the development of 3 casino resorts is only a year old but anti-gamblers who warned that online casinos and land-based casino development would bring corruption are seeing their forewarning come to reality. All this is happening even before a single stone has been upturned in the building of new casino developments in Japan.

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Native American tribes in Oklahoma are some of the most active Vegas casino gambling tribes in the United States. They have come in conflict with authorities in the past but two new cases have observers around the country sitting up and taking notice.

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