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Pulsar Slot Machine

Realtime Gaming got inspired by the famous Middle Eastern fairytale in which a young lad is sent to retrieve a very special lamp from a magic cave. Rubbing the lamp prompts the appearance of a genie bound to fulfil wishes of the person holding it. You may not be able to lay your hands on the real thing as it exists only in the imaginary world but can use RTG's supplement to achieve similar results.

Magic Mushroom Slot Machine

Magic mushrooms, popularly known as shrooms, have a long history of being associated with spiritual experiences and self-discovery. They fall under the category of naturally occurring drugs and are believed to enable people to reach superior spiritual states, sometimes experience euphoria-like moods and have a distorted sense of time. By combining these facts about mushrooms and creating a fantasy setting, Real Time Gaming has created a lovely little slot that will give you a unique kind of “high”. Without having to use any substance, you will experience joy and entertainment through spinning the reels and watching your balance grow bigger and bigger.

Pulsar Slot Machine

Grande Vegas is getting ready to welcome another RTG video slot promising to become the next big hit. The space-themed Pulsar is an unusual title which makes the most of the cascading reels feature and thus enables players to score out-of-this-world wins. Exploding Neutron Stars will be a welcome sight even though they cause planets to disappear without a trace. Get ready to embark on this unique space adventure soon after the year 2019 ends; Pulsar is scheduled to arrive on 22 January and will immediately start recruiting brave explorers of the online gaming world.

Rudolph Awakens Slot Machine

Realtime Gaming loves Christmas just as much as we do and thus continuously treats us to fun Santa stories unlike any we’ve been told while still well below the legal gambling age. This year, Rudolph goes against Santa once again in RTG's new Rudolph Awakens video slot and he's willing to enlarge your Christmas budget by as much as 50,000x the line bet. Santa's in for a surprise as our favorite reindeer showcases new skills and demonstrates a few new tricks. 

Halloween Treasures Slot Machine

Trick-or-treating is not the only way to lay your hands on tasty gifts and we’re happy to propose an alternative way to celebrate the spookiest holiday of the year. RTG’s new video slot is much more than yet another Halloween-themed title and you’ll see why as early as 9 October. Halloween Treasures video slot not only pays 243 ways, features two Wild symbols and offers 4 progressive jackpots, it also provides multiple opportunities to spin on the house without those pesky low value icons. Use these extras well and your bankroll may increase by 50,000x the bet.

T-Rex 2 Slot Machine

It may be a tad late to experience the power of dinosaurs in real life but, thanks to Realtime Gaming, you can still play with T-Rex and its friends in the virtual world. RTG's T-Rex video slot has clearly become popular enough to trigger the creation of what will doubtlessly turn out to be an equally successful sequel. In T-Rex 2, our favorite prehistoric creature returns bigger, stronger and hungrier than ever before. It will eat others of its kind to help you win more and plant eggs capable of awarding up to 100 free spins at once. Add to that two progressive jackpots waiting to be triggered at random and you've got all the ingredients needed for an exciting adventure which will take you 200 million years back into the past.

Storm Lords Slot Machine

Real Time Gaming is preparing to launch a new feature-rich video slot machine and we will be right there in the front row to see it happen. The game will be available at Grande Vegas as of August 21st, so get ready for some spinning, samurai style! Storm Lords is the new game’s title, and the slot is about two ancient spirit warriors, fighting against evil vibes and evil sorcerers. There’s also a girl in the mix, but aren’t exactly sure if she’s someone’s love interest or simply a pretty face to look at while we’re spinning the reels. She may be the source of the strength of the Storm Lords, and we always want to good guys to win.

777 Slot Machine

No matter how far ahead we are storming into the future, we’ll always stop for a moment and look back, searching for old values and old pleasures that the new technology simply cannot deliver. The good thing is that the new technological solutions may give us a shorter, more comfortable way of experiencing something not so typical of our time. In this day and age, video slots are dominating the online gambling world – in spite of that, classic slots are still going strong. They are getting a new addition with the release of RTG’s new product called 777. The game is scheduled for release on June 26th and Grande Vegas customers will be able to play it that very same day.

Mermaid's Pearls Slot Machine

Everybody knows mermaids only existing in fairytales and legends; or do they? You may be surprised to learn that, though mermaid stories stem back to the ancient Assyria, sightings are still being reported to this date. One or more were allegedly spotted by locals and tourists at Kiryat Yam in Israel in 2009, and residents of Zimbabwe have been living in fear of two (not so friendly) mermaids, a male and a female, since 2016.

The Mariachi 5 Slot Machine

How would you like to be instantly transported to Mexico and land right in the middle of a smashing Mariachi party? What if we tell you that the party has been put together by Realtime Gaming and there's a good chance you'll be walking away with more money than you had initially brought along? RTG's new video slot, The Mariachi 5, combines impressive visuals, dynamic musical background and lucrative features to create a fun and rewarding gaming experience. You'll be able to test just how entertaining and advantageous it can be as of 19th April, which is when the new game arrives to Grande Vegas.

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