a young man with a clothes pin on his lips which was put there by a suited arm, indicating censorship

When University of Kansas researchers published a study that examined how much the online casino, video gaming community, Grande Vegas online casino analysts, esports ecosystem and other sectors of the gaming community have to teach social media giants about regulating hate speech, they couldn’t have anticipated that, less than two months later, the issue would be on the front page of every major media publication worldwide. But that’s what happened when a whistleblower presented evidence to the U.S. Congress that showed conclusively that Facebook was not only failing to control hate speech but was actually encouraging it in order to increase engagement – and increase their profits.

video game streamer

As playing online casino and video games has gained popularity, so has the live streaming of video game.  Hundreds of millions of people around the world tune in to view gaming video content every year and those videos have spawned a huge, multibillion dollar industry of platforms, influencers, gamers, advertisers and more.

Slot machine winning combination of 7s

Many questions remain regarding the future of slot machines but if the social media/online casino slot/strategy game Coin Master is any indication, it will be a combination of many different gaming genres along with the chance to achieve real money winnings through matching spin combinations and other achievements. Coin Master hooks players in to an energy system that bombards the player with constant events, push notifications, in-game pop-ups and lots of chances to spin the reels to complete combinations.

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Poker is one of the most popular games at any casino. The poker table is almost always crowded with players and observers who love watching how players outsmart the dealer in this gaming adventure that combines skill and luck.

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The world of start-ups has revolutionized the video and online casino gaming industry by bringing more innovation and more creativity to the sector. Welcome bonus casino gaming start-ups are taking advantage of advances in technology and new horizons for artificial intelligence to move the gaming industry forward.

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More than half of US states now offer sports betting and among those, most allow online sports betting, either through a state lottery, through a mobile sportsbook or via an online casino. How do you find a good online Vegas casino sportsbook?

advertiser tracking on two mobile devices

Facebook gamers now have a choice to refrain from participating in advertisers’ efforts to gather data for their online advertising campaigns.

The impact on Facebook has been catastrophic for the company which had already been dealing with a devastating six-hour outage and the fallout over allegations that it encourages hate speech.  Facebook recently published a blogpost in which it detailed the damage that it is experiencing by Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature.

gaming influencer online

In recent years a new group of gamers has emerged in the video and online casino gaming ecosystem. Gaming influencers are gamers who play video games or at social media online casinos who infuse their channels with talk about the games that they play, their lifestyle, outside interests and issues that come up in the gaming world. Their streams include advertisements for their sponsors – gaming companies that make gaming hardware and software and other types of products.

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Many industries have been negatively impacted by the COVID pandemic but throughout the United States, tribal casinos are seeing unprecedented growth, both within their traditional casino sites and in the booming sectors of online casino gambling sports betting.

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Epic Games’ landmark case against Apple resulted in a split verdict with each side gaining ground. But in the end, the ruling that Apple must give up some of its control of its Apple App Store means that Epic, while still bound by its original contract with Apple, has scored a long-term victory for both users and developers.

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