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Three new states voted to bring retail and online casino sports betting to their jurisdictions, bringing the number of American states with some form of casino sign up bonus sports betting legislation to 23.  With the addition of Louisiana, Maryland and South Dakota, almost half of US states have made it legal to take retail or online casino sports bets in the state.

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Thank goodness online casino play with new games and welcome bonus casinos like our very own Grande Vegas casino are extremely stable and can be counted on. Because what's going on in the general online world is WILD. Read on....

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Two years ago, Colorado passed Proposition DD which gave the state the go-ahead to license Vegas casino online Colorado sportsbooks. The first sports bets were accepted six months ago and even though only table tennis and a few Tawainese and Belarussian teams were playing at that time, results were better than expected. The Proposition included a 10% tax which was earmarked for the state’s water management plan.  Supporters of the initiative were thrilled.

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Derek Stevens has long dreamed of creating a unique attraction in Vegas and he’s about to realize that dream. He will, in the coming weeks, be unveiling the Circa, a new 35-story resort that features a casino, a year-round pool complex, a hotel with 777 rooms and restaurants. An online casino platform may follow shortly.

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Online casino sports betting is expanding in the United States with more states offering more options. Less than 3 years ago, sports betting was available only in  Nevada. Today, it’s legal in 23 states (four of those states don’t yet have the regulatory framework for sports betting to operate) and bills to legalize sports betting are pending in another 9 states. 

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Gambling is a form of entertainment that crosses cultural, religious, ethnic and historical barriers. Why  gambling been one of the world’s most popular pastimes for thousands of years affects the reasons that online casino gaming is so popular today.   

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The legalization of no deposit bonus codes sports betting and the emergence of the fantasy sports industry is ushering in a new era for sports enthusiasts who want to go beyond traditional “will the home team win this game?” 

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Most people play games to relax and enjoy a diversion from life’s challenges. The Vegas casino gaming world has, however, weathered its fair share of scandals and controversies over the years. Some of the controversies are created by casinos and gaming companies as a way of drawing attention to their sector. Others however, involve those that casino operators would like to forget.

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Today, many investors see casino sign up bonus esports as a growing industry. eSports is becoming an integral element of sports and entertainment sectors with an esports ecosystem that includes online casino game publishers and developers, franchises and teams, investors, bookmakers, tournament and events organizers plus, of course, the players and their fans. 

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While online casinos with their hot promotions and no deposit bonus codes have blossomed during the recent lock-downs, professional and collegiate sports have been hit hard - very hard.

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