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Conventional thought might indicate that online gamblers would circle the wagons and hold onto their assets during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nothing could be further from their mind. Play at online casinos and sports betting has never been higher, despite fewer sports games being played and the absence of many of sports enthusiasts’ favorite athletes.

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For some people, a trip to a casino means gambling fun. Others look at a casino vacation as a chance to enjoy a lavish excursion of pampering and indulgence in an atmosphere of luxury and extravagance. Travel may not be in the cards right now but there’s no reason that you can’t dream and plan.

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The pandemic has proven to be a boon for the gaming industry. The industry is benefitting from having such a large percentage of the population sheltering-at-home with little to do. In August, sales of Indie publisher Devolver Digital's "Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout" sold more than 7 million copies.  Nintendo earned $1.37 billion in the second quarter 2020, a 400% spike compared to the same time last year. Vegas casino online gaming has become a favored form of entertainment. New gamers are starting to play while veteran gamers are increasing their gaming activities.   

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For years, parents who wanted to help their children get ahead in the world hired pedagogic tutors to help with school studies along with teachers for extra curricular activities such as music and art. Today, it’s gaming coaches who are in demand. Not for online casino play, but for all manner of video gaming online.  And, thanks to pandemic unemployment, there are plenty of those coaches to meet the need. 

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Twitch is the number one platform for online Vegas casino gamers who want to livestream their gaming activities. Twitch, an Amazon subsidiary, is the biggest social media platform for players thanks to its offers of a wide range of opportunities that allow users to monetize their streams. 

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Fantasy Sports giant Fanduel is expanding its reach through a partnership with Tech firm Simplebet. The two companies aim to build a micromarket sports betting platform that will allow users to wager on quick odds while games are in progress.  We can only hope that they'll follow the lead of a welcome bonus casino like Grande Vegas and get new members going with a free bonus. 

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For years, the Nevada and Vegas casino operators put forth some of the most strenuous opposition to legalization of online gaming in America. Led by Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson, the casino industry has fought tooth and nail to keep online gambling as limited as possible.

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Gaming companies, social media platforms and others involved in the no deposit bonus codes gaming industry are finally starting to take notice of sexual harassment of women who play video games. Some say that it’s a sign that the industry is beginning to catch up to the rest of the world in putting a halt to stalking and demeaning female gamers. Others are waiting for the industry to speak out with one voice, including imposing sanctions, to put a genuine halt to the practice. 

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VTubing is becoming the next big trend on live streaming platforms - welcome bonus casino platforms as well. Most gamers provide running commentaries on their games as they react to the game that they’re playing or respond to comments. Now, some players are displaying a 3D anime model of themselves which they rig to follow their real-life movements. Welcome to the world of Vtubing where entertainers live stream their gaming activities as virtual animes.

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Increasing numbers of people are playing games online. This includes both those who play in a traditional online casino setting - those casino sign up bonuses are very attractive.  But it also includes thos playing in a social milieu and those who play solo. The number of people playing online poker and casino games has tripled over the last six months and just last month, U.S. gaming sales increased 37% over August 2019.

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