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In an effort to engage young American teens, U.S. military recruiters are connecting to this demographic through Twitch online casinos gaming streams. The Army, Navy and Air Force all have Twitch channels where they stream their esports teams with the goal of identifying talented players who are showing signs of quick thinking, analytical skills, fast reaction time and other abilities that may be useful to the military.

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Video gaming is attracting big corporations and major investors  who are falling over each other in their efforts to provide services, sponsor players and teams and get in on the ground floor of the Vegas casino esports industry in any and every way possible.

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A Michigan man who was evidently a pro-masker even before COVID-19 hit used a face mask to steal over $100,000 from Michigan and Kansas casino patrons - that's a LOT of welcome bonus casino cash!

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Land-based businesses are suffering greatly during the coronavirus shutdown. People are studying online, making their clothing and household purchases online, ordering food online and interacting online. All this has made many storefront businesses redundant. Gamers are also discovering that they can enjoy interactive, fun-filled gambling events by enjoying playing at a no deposit bonus code online casino on the PC or mobile device which will, in the future, become a more prominent gaming option alongside brick-and-mortar casino venues.

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Facebook is muscling in on the online casino gaming world with a combination of social media and live streaming that allows users to enjoy a more interactive gaming experience. In entering the gaming sector, Facebook will be gunning for YouTubeGaming and Twitch, two high powered giants which have been, up to now, favored by gamers worldwide.

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DraftKings and FanDuel, two of the largest daily fantasy sports companies in America, are expanding into different types of gambling via online standalone welcome bonus casino apps.

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Betting on competitive video casino sign up bonus games was once an exotic concept, but in 2020 it’s become the newest sports engagement for sports fans including competitors, spectators and bettors.

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Casinos in Canada have received tentative government go-ahead to reopen, but the casinos may never look the same again. There are some innovative procedures being put in place that are designed to keep staff members and customers safe. Many of these policies will almost certainly be around long after COVID-19 is a bad memory and will help Vegas casino online gamers get more out of their land-based casino adventure.

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It took a pandemic but online casino esports has become mainstream. Sporting events have all but disappeared from sports fans’ screen and in many instances, esports has taken their place. The sudden surge in popularity is fueling new opportunities as esports is attracting big advertising, prominent featuring in social media, influencers, live streaming channels, sports betting and more.  

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Over the years, observers have noted that poker players seem to enjoy a high rate of success at sports betting. Ever since the United States lifted its ban on sports betting, sports fans have been trying to figure out what they can do to increase their rates of success with their wagers. Many observers have noted that, on average, poker players seem to do better than the average bettor when placing wagers on sporting events.

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