Girl playing video game while commenting and interacting with fans

Vegas casino gaming influencers, gamers who live-stream themselves competing at popular online casino video games, are becoming an increasingly important part of the gaming ecosystem. Influencers create content and stream it on streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming where their followers can watch and interact. Some influencers stick to one preferred game and stream via one service while others play a variety of games on different platforms.

neon colored esports play console in a sports stadium

Over the past 15 months, the one Vegas casino online sport that wasn’t adversely affected by the pandemic was online casino esports. The multiplayer online battle, battle royale, real-time strategy, fighting, card and first-person shooter games are played with PCs and consoles. Although pre-pandemic, it was traditional for the big esports competitions to take place in large arenas where fans would watch the players compete on screens, once the pandemic hit the tournaments moved online easily which allowed the industry to not only stay stable but thrive and expand.

Esports player competing at her game

Growing an esports game takes many years. Most online casinos esports games developed due to a strong developer backing or high interest from the gaming community. Attracting fans to an esports competition happens only when the game is easy enough to understand but complicated enough so that only the top tier of players with a high-skill level and a great deal of experience can succeed.

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Even before the 2020 pandemic the online casino gaming industry was on an upward trajectory but the lockdowns, shutdowns and other social distancing mandates of the pandemic era accelerated the growth of every casino sign up bonus sector in the industry.

changing roles of entertainment in our lives

Gaming is captivating U.S. consumers and marketers are sitting up and paying attention. Worldwide, most people still prefer to watch TV for home entertainment but gaming is catching up quickly in terms of numbers of hours spent in front of the screen – particularly among Generation Zers, the most desired and lucrative market.

teen being interviewed by a therapist

Some parents seek out psychological help for their children because the kids have become obsessed with video games. They may be surprised to find out that, in many instances, video games are also used as part of the therapeutic process.

Two men check their sports betting app for wins

After years of false starts, failed Assembly bills and opposition from the governor’s office, New York has moved forward on a bill to give online casino sports bettors the opportunity to wager on sporting events online from any part of the state.

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Artificial Intelligence is becoming a facet of almost every aspect of human behavior. AI is being applied to industries, education, merchandising and leisure activities in increasingly frequent measures.

McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas is seeing increased traffic as visitation to Vegas picks up

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it was assumed that the shutdown would be a disaster for Las Vegas. Casinos closed for months and when the reopenings came, they happened slowly. Many workers left the city, casino patrons started to turn to the  online casino and the struggles of a nation could be summarized by the endless “closed” signs seen up and down the Vegas Strip.

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Among the various side effects reported by COVID suffers, “brain fog” is among the most frustrating. Now, a research team at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York is exploring no deposit bonus codes gaming to determine whether an online casino video game can treat the symptoms.

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