two friends doing sports betting on their phone and laptop, a new player in the casino sign up bonus sports betting world, is getting ready to launch its online casino sports betting platform by appealing to high-volume punters. Vigtory promises that high-stakes bettors who place wagers on the Vigtory platform will see the vig – percentage -- that the betting operator generally collects cut significantly. As the NFL season gets underway and the NBA and NHL prepare for the openings of their 2020/2021 seasons, more Americans than ever have access to both retail and online sports betting opportunities. 

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Playing games on social media has become an important way for players, fans and other observers to stay connected in a socially distanced world. Gamers today are eager to create a social media presence which allows them to communicate with their fans. The more followers that they collect, the more productive their outlet becomes for targeted promotions and boosting brand awareness of welcome bonus casinos and more.

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When the United States Supreme Court ruled that online casinos with no deposit bonus codes and sports betting could be legalized by states, it’s likely that the justices didn’t look ahead to how that would impact on politics. But now, two and a half years later, sportsbooks in states where sports betting has been legalized are offering punters the opportunity to place bets on the upcoming 2020 Election.

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The Costa Rican 5Dimes online casino and online sportsbook has been embroiled with federal prosecutors in a criminal investigation for 2 decades over their offshore operations. The company has now reached a deal with the feds that will end the proceedings against them and allow them to operate legally in the United States.

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While casino sign up bonuses are wildly popular at online casinos, and still bringing in the players, real sports betting has taken a huge hit with games cancelled across all team sports.  In it's place, the esports industry is blossoming.

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Conventional thought might indicate that online gamblers would circle the wagons and hold onto their assets during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nothing could be further from their mind. Play at online casinos and sports betting has never been higher, despite fewer sports games being played and the absence of many of sports enthusiasts’ favorite athletes.

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For some people, a trip to a casino means gambling fun. Others look at a casino vacation as a chance to enjoy a lavish excursion of pampering and indulgence in an atmosphere of luxury and extravagance. Travel may not be in the cards right now but there’s no reason that you can’t dream and plan.

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The pandemic has proven to be a boon for the gaming industry. The industry is benefitting from having such a large percentage of the population sheltering-at-home with little to do. In August, sales of Indie publisher Devolver Digital's "Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout" sold more than 7 million copies.  Nintendo earned $1.37 billion in the second quarter 2020, a 400% spike compared to the same time last year. Vegas casino online gaming has become a favored form of entertainment. New gamers are starting to play while veteran gamers are increasing their gaming activities.   

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For years, parents who wanted to help their children get ahead in the world hired pedagogic tutors to help with school studies along with teachers for extra curricular activities such as music and art. Today, it’s gaming coaches who are in demand. Not for online casino play, but for all manner of video gaming online.  And, thanks to pandemic unemployment, there are plenty of those coaches to meet the need. 

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Twitch is the number one platform for online Vegas casino gamers who want to livestream their gaming activities. Twitch, an Amazon subsidiary, is the biggest social media platform for players thanks to its offers of a wide range of opportunities that allow users to monetize their streams. 

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