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Gaming companies, social media platforms and others involved in the no deposit bonus codes gaming industry are finally starting to take notice of sexual harassment of women who play video games. Some say that it’s a sign that the industry is beginning to catch up to the rest of the world in putting a halt to stalking and demeaning female gamers. Others are waiting for the industry to speak out with one voice, including imposing sanctions, to put a genuine halt to the practice. 

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VTubing is becoming the next big trend on live streaming platforms - welcome bonus casino platforms as well. Most gamers provide running commentaries on their games as they react to the game that they’re playing or respond to comments. Now, some players are displaying a 3D anime model of themselves which they rig to follow their real-life movements. Welcome to the world of Vtubing where entertainers live stream their gaming activities as virtual animes.

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Increasing numbers of people are playing games online. This includes both those who play in a traditional online casino setting - those casino sign up bonuses are very attractive.  But it also includes thos playing in a social milieu and those who play solo. The number of people playing online poker and casino games has tripled over the last six months and just last month, U.S. gaming sales increased 37% over August 2019.

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Are online casino games luck or skill - we'd say...a bit of both.

Is fantasy sports a game of luck or of skill? As it turns out, this is a more complicated question and the answer is as elusive as it was when the industry started to explode two decades ago. Fantasy sports companies promote fantasy sports as a contest of skill while anti-gambling forces insist that winning or losing is a matter of pure luck

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eSports is a growing – exploding – industry. It’s currently valued at more than $1 billion and predictions are that it could double in the next 3 years. If you’re a gambler, how can you use this information to your advantage.

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For years already, as gaming at online casinos grew, observers predicted that visitation to land-based casino sites would fall as people moved online.

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The times...they are here's a 2020 news item not involving any online casino - but no less fascinating!  This article is actually a follow-up to a previous article of ours - a "developing story" as the TV reporters say....

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The coronavirus pandemic shut down almost all sporting events last spring and now, six months later, sports are resuming slowly. The sports-gambling industry, however, will take a long time to recover. Bettors, Vegas casinos and online bookmakers are trying to figure out whether they have options this autumn and what those options are.   

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The NFL spring draft is heavily dependent on the year’s NCAA season. Pro football scouts, agents, teams, managers, coaches and everyone else involved in the process traditionally rely on the college football games to determine their upcoming draft. Complicated stuff - not nearly so easy as cashing in on no deposit bonus codes at your fav online casino, Grande Vegas.  This year, everything has been upended.

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It was just a little over 2 years ago that lawyers for the NFL stood before the Supreme Court, arguing that, if the Court gave the go-ahead for states to legislate sports betting, it would destroy professional sports.  They felt that allowing sports betting would put pro sports in competition with online casinos with special attractions like a casino sign up bonus and more. 

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