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You don’t have to play Vegas casino video games to take advantage of the wide range of opportunities that are part of the esports industry. The industry is looking for player talent but also for support personnel in the realm of game development, training, coaching and more.

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Now that online casino sports betting is legal in almost half of American states, millions of new bettors giving the casino sign up bonus sportsbooks a try. Some of these people are novices at sports wagering while others have bet in the past – either on a trip to Vegas, where sports betting was never illegal – or through some type of illegal bookie.

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A number of European countries are moving to more closely regulate the online casino industry to ensure uniform compliance with accepted welcome bonus casino standards.  The countries, including England, Germany, France, Sweden and Holland are moving forward on several different laws that range from the ability of players to play with their credit cards to geographical jurisdiction limitations and rules for age verification.

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Thanks to advancements in technology, the Internet and the social distancing mandates of 2020, the online casino is seeing significant growth. The growth trend is worldwide with more players playing more real money Vegas casino online games around the world.

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CD Projekt Red announced in early February that hackers had gained access to its internal network, scrambled a number of its data servers and stolen source code for multiple games including Cyberpunk 2077 in an attempt to blackmail the company.  Thank goodness our Grande Vegas online casino is hacker-proof!!!


You can be a high-stakes no deposit bonus codes player on a low roller budget at Vegas casinos. It’s not obvious to the casual visitor but if you plan your visit out before you travel and stick to your plan you can enjoy a first-class online casino Vegas gaming adventure without breaking the bank.

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In a new twist on advertiser casino sign up bonus give-aways, online casino sports betting operators are happily paying out bettor wins in a trade-off that wins them new customers.

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Since May 2018 when the United State Supreme Court ruled that states could legislate for sports betting in their own jurisdictions, almost half of the states have done so in one form or another. 23 states now have some kind of sports betting legislation with sports betting up and running in 19 states and the infrastructure being put into place to get online casino sports betting or daily fantasy sports going in the coming months in another 3 states.

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The Vegas Stats & Information Network (VSiN), which went on air in 2017, has quickly become an important resource for sports bettors. It’s a multi-platform broadcasting company that delivers new, proprietary data and analysis to welcome bonus casino sports fans who want to wager on American online casino sporting events. With the sports betting industry growing in the United States, VSiN has become an important source of data for wagerers who want to place informed and well-researched bets.

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eSports, once a subset of the sports culture, is now considered an online casino industry in its own right. The trajectory was already increasing before COVID-19 but now, with Vegas casino online esports compatibility to online playing and viewing, it is expected to grow at a 9% compound annual growth rate over the next 2 years, nearly doubling over a 6-year period. In addition, as esports becomes increasingly powered by mobile, it is expected to grow even further.

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