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The hottest new advertising trend involves influencers who lead their followers to make purchases of goods and services. Many different industries are using influencers to peddle their product from the fashion and cosmetics industries to Vegas online casino gaming, travel and lifestyle, sports, health and fitness, family/parenting/home and more.

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The gambling landscape in the United States continues to shift. Questions arise regarding tribal gamingVegas casino online real money gambling, sports betting laws, states’ jurisdictions and more. The result is that in many cases, the law needs to be clarified which is resulting in an over-abundance of gambling cases going to the courts.

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The under-representation of minorities in the entertainment industry is of concern to many observers, industry insiders and the public. Gaming is a growing industry worldwide. More than 3.24 billion people play video games, including Vegas casino online games, worldwide with the highest number of players living in Asia.

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Kickstarter, the crowdfunding site, has become the catalyst for big changes in the gaming industry by giving game developers an alternate route to success that allows them to bypass the major gaming studios. Developers and designers are creating games for consoles, online casino venues, PC games and more through Kickstarter’s crowdfunding tools.  Read more for your Grande Vegas online casino guide to this new tool.

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According to a United Nations report, since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been a 600% rise in cybercrime with much of it directed against the growing video and online casino gaming industries.  Hackers are becoming more savvy and more creative in attacking gaming platforms, sites’ data and customers’ personal information.

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Video game magazines first became popular in the 1980s when video games were starting to draw attention - before online casinos and Grande Vegas no deposit bonus codes. As print journalism moved online in the 2000s most gaming publications did the same in order to save the publishers money and widen circulation. Now, it appears that a number of print gaming periodicals are returning to their print roots.

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Thomas Edison is credited with having said “genius is 2% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” The gaming world has had more than its share of innovative geniuses who have put in their perspiration to take a small sector and guided it to its evolution into today’s multi-billion dollar industry.  Today the gaming industry encompasses a wide range of sub-groups including video gaming, bitcoin online casino gaming, social media gaming, esports, gaming streams, gaming for business development, gaming for education and much more.

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In many ways 2020 and 2021 were years of tremendous growth for the gaming industry. The pandemic resulted in a 23% growth in video gaming  - also our Grande Vegas online casino USA showed growth during the pandemic - with continued expected compound annual growth of 14.5% by 2026. In other ways however, the industry experienced slowdowns. There were countless work disruptions, supply chain-related interferences, delays in game releases and cancellations of major esports events.

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eSports is expanding, moving from the world of competitive gaming to sectors including entertainment, sports and casinos. Now, esports is being adapted to a casino event at land-based and Vegas casino online venues. Some casinos feature slot games that are similar to the video games that form the basis of the esports industry while others have sportsbooks where bettors can place wagers on esports events.

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A combination of the rising popularity of competitive gaming, COVID-19-fueled disconnect from traditional school curriculum and increased use of digital devices and remote learning has taken many school districts into a new direction as they introduce esports into their curriculum and extra-curricular programs.

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